Jay's Rentals offers surf lessons with four extremely talented expert surfers. Come hang at the beach and learn how to surf today!

RATES - $80 to $100

What you get:

$100 gets you 1 hour of private instruction(Choice of time), plus 1 hour of board time after the lesson.

We also offer $80 group lessons. These are held at 2 pm.

Reservations recommended, stop by the shop or email to set up a session!



Jeremy Searle was born in the surf-rich town of Encinitas, CA. Soon after achieving the ability to walk he took his success to the ocean. By age 12 he was sponsored for surfing and competing at a high level. Much of his teenage life was met with great success in the amateur ranks of surfing; however instead of pursuing a pro career, he attended the University of San Diego State for a bachelors degree in Business.

From 2001 through 2008 Jeremy was a head instructor at the esteemed Eli Howard surf school. Founders Greg Kessler and Emily Kessler taught him the discipline needed to create the optimal surf experience for all clients. Groomed by the best, he fell in love with teaching people how to surf. 

In late 2008 Jeremy moved to LA for other creative dreams, but has since had withdrawals from doing what he loves most, teaching surfing! Well now he's back and he wants to teach all walks of life; small, big, young, old, male, female. It doesn't matter, he'll get you surfing and he loves it. He brings to Venice beach a skill-set that makes him a big standout when compared to most surf instructors in the area. Also, he's really great with kids.

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